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What Happens if My NYC Car Service is Late?

Posted by Sean Collins on Mon, Nov 11, 2013 @ 08:05 AM

NYC Sedan Service FAQ

nyc car serviceThings move quickly in NYC. Hence the term “a New York minute,” a reference to the fact that we’re in one of the most fast-paced places on earth. That being said, there’s really no excuse for car service that’s a minute late, whether you’re in Manhattan, Los Angeles, or Rio De Janeiro. You don’t reserve chauffeured transportation if you’re not on your way to a flight, an important meeting, or other event where timeliness is essential. A tardy vehicle can destroy your plans, professional image, and client relationships.

There’s No Excuse for a Late Vehicle

Anyone who’s ever spent time around NYC knows that traffic is just a way of life. It’s not an excuse for your Chauffeur to be late - neither are road closures, major events, or vehicle breakdowns. That’s why we recommend that our clients only book with transportation companies who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, and offer an on-time guarantee. If they’re late, you don’t pay. If you’re curious, here are some other signs of a transportation company that’s going to be on-time, every single time.

1. Contingency Plans

Professional event planners and logistics specialists know that contingency plans are key. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, which is why effective planning means you need to think about options B, C, and D as well. Does the transportation company know what they’ll do if there’s an unexpected flight delay, traffic jam, or vehicle breakdown? Every company should have extra Chauffeurs and vehicles on hand in case the worst happens.

2. Dedicated Dispatch

There’s a difference between customer service representatives and dispatchers, and a great transportation brand will offer professional dispatchers that are well-versed in great customer service. These employees work behind-the-scenes to do a lot more than just take calls and reservations - they’re experts at working with mapping softwares to plan the most efficient routes, and are outstanding problem-solvers who can make sure no client ever knows if something doesn’t go according to plan.

3. 24/7 In-House Customer Service

We’ve all been in a position of needing to reach a business after hours, and only being able to communicate with their answering machine. It’s incredibly frustrating. Great limousine companies have staff members on-site 24/7. Outsourcing customer service to an answering company can be cheaper, but often off-site CSRs don’t have the ability to provide real resolution to any issues. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your call is going to be answered by an expert any time you need help - whether that’s at 4am or 11:30pm.

4. The Best Technology

Can you even remember what it was like to drive before GPS? Technology has revolutionized the way we get where we need to go, and it’s much different than having to rely on paper maps or print outs from Mapquest. The best limousine companies take full advantage of mapping technologies, and ensure their Chauffeurs are armed with a smartphone and GPS in order to get where they need to be and not a moment late.

5. Vehicle Inspections

Cars break down. They get flat tires, have electrical issues, and need routine maintenance. These facts are only heightened in the transportation industry, where vehicles can get thousands of miles each year. In order to ensure that you’re not affected by a car that was past-due to have it’s belts changed, make sure that your car service has an on-staff mechanic who performs regular maintenance on the cars. Even more importantly, ask to make sure that cars are inspected thoroughly by Chauffeurs before each trip.

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