What to Look for in a New Jersey Car Service Company

Trust Vander Plaat for Your Transportation Needs

There will always be a time in your life when you will need to rely on the services of a transportation company. Whether for travel reasons, special occasions, or big parties, sometimes your own personal vehicle simply cannot get you to your desired location. When the time comes that you do need to book transportation, you should be mindful about what kind of service you are hiring. Getting into a vehicle with an unknown driver is an act of trust, one that should not be taken lightly. It is very important that you take the time to learn about the company you are using and determine if they are the right choice. For people in the New Jersey area, it is hard to go wrong with Vander Plaat transportation.


The first concern you should have when you are booking professional transportation is safety. Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of death and serious injury in the country. When steeping into a vehicle, you want to rest assured that the driver escorting you to your destination is safe, capable, and alert. The drivers at Vander Plaat are all thoroughly tested and checked to assess their driving capability and their knowledge of the area. Whenever you step into a Vander Plaat car, you should know that you are in the hands of a safe and competent driver. 

Vehicle Variety

Another very important element to consider when choosing your transportation company is the fleet of vehicles that they offer. Different occasions call for different kinds of vehicles. For airport escorts and traveling businesspersons, the standard town car will fit your needs. However, if you need to book transportation for a wedding or another big formal event, you will most likely need the services of a limo driver. Vander Plaat has both classic town cars and limos in their vast fleet of vehicles. They also have a variety of limousines and wedding packages to choose from so that you can tailor your cars to your personal taste.


Once you have chosen the type of vehicle that will fit your needs, you then need to start thinking about price. Everyone planning a trip or a big event has a budget to think about, and the last thing you want to do is blow a huge portion paying for transportation. The prices are Vander Plaat are always reasonable. You can get a great deal by looking into some of their executive and event deals.  While you may be paying slight more than you would with some competing transportation companies, remember that you are also paying for high quality cars and service.


Lastly, when you are considering which transportation service to use, you should think about the impact that they have on your community. Vander Plaat has been a trusted name in the area for years. They are a family business that has dedicated themselves to providing other families with high quality service at every opportunity. Instead of booking transportation with big business car companies like Uber or using unreliable taxi services, you should rely on Vander Plaat to give you the personal and reliable care that you want.

When you are booking transportation with a professional car service, make sure that you have a few details set in place before you go. You will need to know the type of vehicle you need. You will also need to know the number of people who will be traveling in your party. The number of people you have may impact the type of vehicle you will need to book. Lastly, make sure that you know the date and time that you will require the services of a professional driver

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I have used your services 3 or 4 times now and each time gets better and better. Your fleet are beautiful, spotless and exceed expectations. Your drivers are punctual, beyond professional and attentive to detail. Last night my daughter celebrated her 16th birthday by taking 10 of her closest friends into NYC for the evening. Our driver was Sean. I don't think anyone can top Sean's professionalism and attention to detail. Sean took care of us like we were his family. His professionalism exceeded expectations. Facebook friends, if you looking for limo services, look no further, Vanderplaat is the only way to go !!!


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