Teterboro & Westchester Airport Car Service

For those travelers looking to by-pass some of the chaos and congestion of New York and New Jersey’s major airports, Teterboro and Westchester are here for your convenience.

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Why Use Teterboro Airport

Teterboro is located about 12 miles from Manhattan and is used for general aviation purposes, with smaller aircraft. A quieter airport experience can go a long way when it comes to stressful travel, and many corporate and leisure travelers find the atmosphere of a smaller airport far more agreeable and comfortable.

Why Use Westchester Airport

Similarly, Westchester Airport is located about 30 miles north of New York City, and offers patrons the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of the bigger airports for a quieter, some say easier, airport experience.

Let Vander Plaat Drive You

Vander Plaat services all of the areas surrounding both the Teterboro and Westchester Airports, ensuring that not only is your airport experience agreeable but your commute into the city afterwards is effortless and enjoyable, as well. There's nothing worse than coming off of a stressful flight to a stressful car experience. 

Vander Plaat chauffeurs will take the reigns, allowing you to spend your commutes as you wish, whether it’s to catch up on work, call your family or simply to relax. The value of an agreeable commute cannot be measured, especially in the hectic world of travel, and Vander Plaat is more than happy to meet your every transportation need.

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